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25 November 2006

Posada blog chain for Advent.

I've not had many to take up the offer so I'm flagging it up again. Here's the idea again. Maybe a bit more clearly.

A posada is the tradition of taking the figures of Mary and Joseph into homes for a night or two during Advent. As the figures are in a home there may be prayers and reflections as they enter and leave and the figures may be an occasion for devotions shared with friends, family and neighbours while they are in that home. They then move on to the next home that has volunteered to put them up for the night or two, and so on through Advent.

A Posada blog is an idea to do something analogous with blogging. So instead of the actual clay or wood or whatever figures of Mary and Joseph we have a picture. Instead of homes we have blogs. Instead of family prayers we have a blog posting.

So the idea is that on Advent Sunday, I would post a picture of Mary and Joseph and offer some reflections and/or prayers for the occasion as my posting.
The next day someone else would post that same picture [either by posting it anew or by linking back to the 'original' image I posted]
and offer their reflections and/or prayers, similarly.
They would also mention who is to post the following time
and leave a comment on my blog at my Advent Posada posting to give the address of their posting [this would have to be the permalink, not just the blog address]..

Then, hopefully, the next day someone else would
1) post the picture and make some prayerful reflection on their blog, and
2) make a mention of who is due to host the holy couple the following day
3) leave a comment at the previous day's posting with a link to their new posting . And
4) so on!
What should result is a chain of links as Mary and Joseph virtually move from blog to blog day by day.

What I need to know, then, is that there is an initial set of people willing to join the chain ... could this be you? If so, then please let me know so we can have an orderly transfer of the holy couple day by day. Oh, and then try to find other people too to join the chain ...


DesertPastor said...

You can count me in. I'd be honored to host the blessed couple at Paradoxology.

Jem said...

Yes, me too.

Alastair said...

me three! And I'll put a link to your posting on my blog too Andii...

lydia said...

I'm interested.

Psalmist said...

Absolutely, I'd love to host! What a brilliant idea!

Please count me in.

D. P. said...

Definitely interested. Just let me know when and Joseph and Mary can spend a day with Dr. Platypus.

Sally said...

deffinetly interested what a wonderful idea

Jim said...

count me in. let me know when i'm up.

anne said...

Please count me in as well.

Weekend Fisher said...

I'd be honored to host the family.

Dave said...

Hi Andii,

I'd like to join in - have posted about it today.


Mr John Cooper said...

I'd love to join in and give them an "iStay" on "MyBlog" for a night. Just let me know when I'm required and I'll do my duty.

Just hope the baby isn't born early ;)


lucas said...

add me to the list please. and is my blog. looking forward to the holy couple visiting.

Joanna said...

I'm in, if it's not too late to join, at Keeping Feet.

Let me know the schedule at my address, jblaforge