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19 October 2012

New Evangelical Manifesto -Race, women and children

There are a series of chapters on race, women and children. All of them focus on the way that the issues raised call for responses that go beyond Evangelicals' comfort zones. The race chapter does a nice job of showing how the individualism of Evangelicalism is inadequate to meet the real requirements for racial reconciliation. The chapter on women is well narrated and passionately told, but in the end had the weakness of dealing with the 2 Timothy 2 passage by means that would be least convincing to evangelicals and likely to confirm fears that 'New Evangelicalism' is a stalking horse for liberalism though there are some well-made points. By contrast, the chapter on children does a really nice job of considering children as portrayed in the Gospels. It then moves on to enunciate principles and an evidence-based approach to achieving them rather than an ideological one.

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