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15 November 2012

Mitt Romney: don't be surprised

Dear Mr Romney,
If you were ever to read this I'd hope you'd get an inkling of why it is that in a recent poll it would seem that your candidacy for the USA's presidency was seen in most countries to be a bad thing. You see, what we see of GOP politics is frankly scary to the rest of the planet. And the reason for that is partly to be gleaned form USA's domestic political trends.

I recently read this, a report of your explanation to your supporters for your non-election:
Obama, Romney argued, had been "very generous" to blacks, Hispanics and young voters. He cited as motivating factors to young voters the administration's plan for partial forgiveness of college loan interest and the extension of health coverage for students on their parents' insurance plans well into their 20s. Free contraception coverage under Obama's healthcare plan, he added, gave an extra incentive to college-aged women to back the president.
You see, there's a kind of blindness in this: if I may put it this way: it's a case of pot calling kettle black. It seems disingenuous to complain that another candidate has made life better for certain groups when your own professed policies are to make life better for another constellation of interest groups. The more so when those you seek to enrich already have so much that they can throw large amounts of money at your campaign in hopes of continued support of their own particular 'welfare' projects (corporate bail-outs and protectionism).

If you don't get it that you should be aiming to govern for the many and not just the few, then you are pretty much bound to fail. If you don't care about the majority and you let it be seen that this is so, then don't be surprised if most of them decide not to vote for their own impoverishment in favour of enriching your friends. The only real suprise about the result from the point of view of the rest of the world, is that is was so close. The real puzzler for most of us is how so many USAmericans have become so persuaded to vote against their own interests.

And while we're on the subject: is there any real evidence that trickle-down economics actually works?
I think you'll find there isn't any credible evidence.

Mitt Romney blames election loss on 'gifts' Obama gave to minority groups | World news |

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