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12 February 2013

Ministering among the Powers

I've at last finished -more or less- my article on Walter Wink's notion of the Powers, laying the foundation for conceiving of them in relation to institutional/organisational ministry.

In it, there is a brief review of Walter Wink's work on the Powers is related to an understanding of emergence, related briefly to Agamben's work on apparatuses and noting a congruence with Amos Yong's work on the Spirit in Creation . Then an outline is given of how this could begin to help those involved in Christian ministries to organisations and institutions by making appropriate analogies with other emergent creatures.

You can find it here. I'd be happy to have of comments and questions arising: they'll help me as I write further about the topic. I'm aware that there are various dimensions to what I'm exploring that need filling out. That's the next project.

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